2 Years Experience
C#, Python, JavaScript, Java
Angular, VueJs, Android, ASP.NET Core, MYSQL

Hi I'm Alex I've been working as a developer since 2016 and I have covered many interesting technologies such as C#, Angular, VueJS, Python both in work and during my free time. I enjoy learning and reading up on new exciting technologies and making even more awesome applications.

Projects I've Worked On

RESTful API on a Microsoft stack written in ASP.NET Core 2 using JWTs for security talking to a Angular and VueJS frontend with full CRUD functionality along with intergration into other platform APIs to deliver extra functaionality such as emails, sms authentication and QRCodes.

Dynamic graphic web apps written in the Angular 4 framework working with Google Charts API to deliver fully dynamic and interactive charts that allow for much more indepth data analysis.

Two Factor Authentication linking a VueJs frontend webapp to a backend API which in turn is talking to a SMS server API that sends out the codes which it will in turn authenticate.

User Area web app written in Angular 5 to group important user data into one easy to view location, display sensitive data discreetly and have booking capabilities for modules aswell as access to important user forms and employee handbooks.