Me I seriously got into the idea of programming in 2015 self teaching myself Java initally. I decided to later formalise my learning by completing a post-grad course from Manchester University (UK) Introduction to software Development in Java. From here I have expanded my knowledge to Python, C# Javascript along with Android, Django, Asp.Net Core and SQL databases.

The Site I have been playing around with web development ever since I was in High school, however I only recently got serious about it. This is the third iteration of my homepage, now written in Django 2.0 as the Framework using Python3 on a Ubuntu 16.04 server with JQuery, served from a SQLite database. I have added in Django-Rest-Framework and aim to build in some Angular in time.

Work I am currently working in Singapore with a lot of really interest technologies, working Full Stack expanding my understanding and knowledge greatly as I am working daily with a RESTful API which I have implemented using ASP.Net Core on a Windows 2012 server communcating to verious JavaScript dynamic apps written in Angular and VueJS, including Two Factor SMS Authentication, Data analysis, and several others. I love technology and I love creating awesome apps with some design flair.

Version 2.0.0 Log

The last major update and overhaul to the site was a good few months ago and by and large I have not really done much else to the site in the mean time. I have been busy working on many new projects exploring the wonderful world of JavaScript and beyond. I have also decided to scrap the full site rewrite, I did write a fair amount in .Net Core as a learning exercise but considering this site is very workable it is not in need of a full rewrite.

The first major update was one to the style of the site this time I decided to not only improve the overall style of the site but to actually add in more features with the most import being the portfolio now.

Original I planned a complete rewrite and after a few stalled attempts I circled back around to Django updated everything to 2.0 added in the Django Rest Framework and am actually rather happy with the site. I have built in a portfolio section, upgraded the server and rebuilt the Ubuntu environment to support Python3 properly as Django 2.0 and all future projects require it.

I plan to expand the site with Angular and general dynamic JavaScript elements in time, this will require a bit of planning and thinking about what projects I would like to add in. One thing I am eager to do is an Electron app to work with the offline files for this site and push new posts. Electron seems really interesting and with a RESTful API I should have an option to use it.

Version 1.1.0 Log

This is the first major update I have rolled out and addresses the style of the site. I have learnt a lot over the year especially when regarding style of a page, my original design was very simple I hope this one is a little nicer to look at.

I am currently working on rewriting the whole site in ASP.NET Core, however this is taking a little longer than I would have liked so I decided to do a quick CSS swap on here in the mean time to provide a better experience.