Settling in to a new role

I made a transition at the start of October, it has been a whirlwind of the past two months with learning a lot of new procedures and new awesome people the transition has been great. It has not been without its pitfalls of course and various mistakes, but I feel I've taken it all in my stride and now am feeling very much part of the team. This is the first time I have transitioned within my developer career and it was quite the daunting task initially, a lot of things to consider and get used to, however I feel the atmosphere of a tech company is much more inline with myself and I do very much enjoy how everyone comes together and works well with one another in a relaxed and ,generally, mature environment. It is quite the breath of fresh air from the stuffy feel of the corporate world, I don't think I could go back to that now. It is a great dynamic and modern working environment that gives us all more responsibility and forces us to all work close together which is great. It has also been my first experience working with Agile, specifically scrum and that has proven to be quite interesting and rather eye opening in a good way overall. The tech has been interesting as well, working with React which is quite different to Angular which I am much more use to. It does take a bit of time to transition but React seems to be much less strict than Angular and leave more open, this is both a good and bad thing but defiantly a good thing when first getting into it. I am still not the biggest fan of JSX syntax but it does work fairly well and it doesn't look too messy I guess. I am hoping to dive into more React projects and hopefully reignite my Vue side as well. I have a few ideas on things to do so we will see, I am also hoping to progress with Rust more as well as I believe it is still a very interesting option for the future.

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