Rust The Rising Star

Looking into trends in web development and development in general it is hard to ignore the ever growing community around Mozillas latest language Rust. Rust is a systems language that aims to modernise C++ making it more accessible whilst still retaining low level controls over the system it is used on. Rust is interesting I have just picked it up after looking more into WebAssembly and it is starting to become one of my side interests along with working on my React knowledge Rust provides something a little different to my usual time spent in Javascript. I have worked with Java, Python, C# and NodeJS previously on the server side but Rust is something a bit different although it has some pretty neat features such as the dynamic documentation you can build out of the packages you include in your project, this is really nice creating a custom reference book just for you. Rust does things quite differently it is interesting variables are not mutable by default and they actually encourage shadowing variables as-well. The syntax is quite different to what you may be use to as well with static typed using :: makes things a bit different, although a lot of the choices when it comes to the language seem pretty on point and rather nice. There is a lot of nice choices made I do quite like Rust's `match` statement which acts as Rust's version of a conditional statement which apparently the if else statement compiles down to a match in Rust which is quite interesting. Also the documentation on the site is actually fantastic as they include a very detailed breakdown of the language and how to implement it whilst going over the finer points, it is a great resource and actually puts a lot of coding books to shame. Rust also has a lot of neat projects people are making with it such as [Rocket][1] which is a web framework for Rust. I haven't used it myself but people seem to generally quite like it and it provides a whole other use for Rust. For me I am most interested in using Rust for WebAssembly although I can't discredit the use it can have building a whole range of other applications. Rust seems to do a lot right when it comes to modern languages and I hope as I continue to dive deeper into the language I can find more and more why people who use it truly love it. [1]:

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