React - A State Of Mind

I have been working more in React getting myself ready for my upcoming work and have found that it is quite interesting overall, it is a far departure from that of Angular and that isn't always a bad thing. React is nice in its openness as a platform it provides the tools for UI rendering and design and encourages the developer to put forward all of their plugins and add-ons to make the app they want. Of course Redux is very closely paired to React and although you don't need it a central state store is always welcome and helps provide some persistence across the application outside of the state that components can and should use for internal management. Redux is nice and the patterns for it work rather well overall with React and helps create a central store to keep the state in check which is very important when you have items to be updated and kept across the application, however sometimes you just need to work on local component states. The inbuilt component state is important to use correctly and should be focused on only items that are relevant to that component when it is active, I have been using it for search results as it should not persist the searches as the user moves way from that section. State management is always important in applications and as they get more complex it is ever more important, this is why Redux works so well built into React, I have yet to try other state management options like Flux however. The internal local state you can use with React is also pretty good for smaller things or more internal items that are only relevant to that component. As I dive deeper and deeper into React I am starting to appreciate more of the tools they are giving the developer and although I found the initial way to write React, which seemed a bit of a mess, is actually quite nice overall and provides a much better layout than I first expected, however it requires a bit more discipline and architecture than some others.

Last edited: Sept. 25, 2018, 4:55 a.m.