New Year Projects and New Tech

This year has been a pretty great year, it has felt very long but a lot has happened and it has been overall pretty great. However I want to settle back into some more projects and really start building out some interesting and (hopefully) fun things. I am aiming to make 2019 all about React and Rust two technologies I have picked up towards the end of 2018 but have really started to enjoy both for different reasons. React ----- Is quite a well put together frontend framework that makes building out sides and creating dynamic content pretty fun. It differs a lot from Angular but it does do quite a few things really well and helps in creating rapid new frontends in a highly flexible way, as I have been growing with it at work I am hoping to really push this in my free time with a lot more Typescript, hopefully some GraphQL and maybe even some playing with GatsbyJS. I have some ideas so we will see how it all pans out. Rust ---- Rust has proven to be quite the interesting language it does a lot of things really well and the ever growing community around it seems very passionate and pretty great. Rust has an so much potential in many different aspects and this is very exciting so I am hoping to learn Rust to a fairly decent level over the year and create some rather interesting projects along with that. I aim to finish the Rust book and docs and really push myself to write more Rust code over the year. I am currently working with websockets for live chat which is pretty fun but I hope to expand this and also create some other services in Rust. Other Technologies ------------------ In my new work I have been introduced to Docker and Jenkins which both seem pretty awesome and I am aiming to add both of these technologies into my server and actually start to update quite a lot of things relating to my server. I have also be introduced to Redis which also seems an interesting thing to explore. I also aim to look over the SQL and NOSQL databases and look into which suit my needs best. 2019 Road Map ------------- **January (Rust/React)** Complete my Rust websocket chat with a react frontend, this has proven to be an interesting project and not as complex as it would seem, finishing it up and working on a lot of the design may well take some additional time **February (Rust/React + Docker + Jenkins)** This month I hope to have my Rust websocket generally completed but I will be looking into how to dockerise it to make it much easier to use on my server and with that will be looking at adding in some Jenkins hooks to allow for it to be updated and deployed on a commit basis. **March (Rust)** I hope to have worked through some more of the Rust documentation and advanced a bit more, I also hope to start working on a main API for my server in Rust which will be deployed via docker and jenkins. **April (React/ GatsbyJS)** GatsbyJS is an interesting project and I hope to be able to create a static site for something, not yet fully decided upon what however. **May (React)** Planning and hopefully getting started to actually overhaul this main site using a Rust API backend with a React frontend, this may be using GatsbyJS I still need to see but this also will be leveraging more Docker and Jenkins **June (Rust)** I will be looking into some other Rust projects not so sure yet but I will look to update this with some idea a bit later **July(Rust)** I will be looking into some other Rust projects not so sure yet but I will look to update this with some idea a bit later

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