New Beginnings

This year has been an ever crazy year with a lot of progress and changes in a short period with the main being finding a new job working for a media streaming company which has completely changed my year for the better. After a long and lengthy process of getting into the new job I finally started working there at the start of October, this has been exciting but also quite the learning curve. There is a lot of new ideas and methods to pickup on along with the move for me to React, which is not too bad overall but I can see it will take me a bit of time to fully get up to scratch with the power of the framework and will have me tripping up a bit as I aim to learn the framework better and better. Although I have only just started my new work it is very interesting and I can see myself really progressing a lot here. It is also great how focused everyone is on the latest and greatest looking forward rather than back and that is great as there is nothing worse than being stuck working in a company on very old outdated frameworks and code, so this forward looking approach is great and it helps keep you moving in the right direction. This is also my first proper use of agile which so far I am very much enjoying as it provides a pretty great structure to allow everyone to work within and the way it aims to break everything down into small components is great for workflow. I expect the rest of this year to be fairly stressful and a period of great learning as I aim to get my own abilities and knowledge up to the level of being able to produce very good code consistently in a good timeframe. As a result the rest of this year will be focused around this and just making sure I am always ahead of the curve.

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