Moving To React From Angular

I have enjoyed Angular a great deal and do like the ecosystem even-though I know a lot of people dislike how big it is I do quite like how everything is bundled together, however I have a new job coming up which is using React so it is finally time to dive into React. My first impressions of React are that it is rather messy with the use of JSX syntax the inline HTML and styles can be a bit strange in mixing everything together and it does work, also there is a lack of specific tools that are made for React such as HTTP requests these are done via other libraries or the great fetch interface. This is quite different as with Angular you get all of this function built in and of course it make the packages larger but it provides a complete product. const MainBtn = () => { return ( <button>Home</button> ) } React is very specific and of course not a full framework more of a UI module so it is nice that React knows exactly the problem it is trying to accomplish which is a good thing. I of course need more work in React I think to really see what makes it pop the way it breaks up components is fine quite similar to other frontend libraries which is good, I dislike how it doesn't support class scoping with the CSS naturally and it can be achieved in some different ways but it isn't quite as nice as Vue and Angular do. Redux seems pretty nice in holding the app state and I have enjoyed looking into this it seems to work well and provides a centralised store which is always what I aim for anyway so it makes good sense to me. I know a lot of people find Redux complex and maybe I've not hit that part yet but it seems reasonably intuitive and way better than calling `state` and `setState` in React components because this is open for a lot of issues. So far I have found React quite easy to pick up and I am enjoying learning the new library it provides some nice features and it does seem rather quick at what it does. As I spend more time with React I hope to get more knowledge about its more advanced use.

Last edited: Aug. 23, 2018, 1:56 p.m.