The .NET Core Setup

On: July 14, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

As a relative new comer to Microsofts platform ASP.NET has been a hard pill to swallow with Microsoft changing gears massively with their shift to the new .NET Core platform. In many ways this is the best time to jump into a new framework, at the ...


On: July 7, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

Just last year Microsoft made a bold move to can ASP.NET 5 and instead translate that into the brand new .NET Core which provides an open platform to develop C# powered web applications. This is a massive move forward for Microsoft and coupled wit...

Are PWA The Future?

On: June 30, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

Ever since the internet's widespread uptake of the 90s the online ecosystem has been continually shifting and changing. The next big thing always seems to be hitting and we have moved from basic HTML to Flash enabled sites to HTML5 enabled and int...

Moving to C#

On: June 23, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

Java was my first language and there are many, many things that I like about, especially when I compare it to PHP and Javascript which generally lack a lot of the ridged structure that Java maintains. Even-though Java has a lot going for it and I ...

Why I Still Love AngularJS

On: June 17, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

Google have been moving faster and faster towards their new baby, Angular2/4 or as they want to call it now just plain old Angular. I have played around with Angular2 a bit but I still find myself coming back to the original, now dubbed AngularJS....

Style Over Substance: Getting Away With Jank Code

On: June 10, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

When I first started learning to code formally as part of a post grad degree I remember all my professors telling us the same thing, that we should follow very strict style guidelines and produce clean and readable code. To me this felt like the s...

Weekend Project - Film API

On: June 3, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

I've been rather API heavy working with javascript, this is because I need to up my Javascript skills aswell as it provides a great way for me to showcase some of my abilities online easily as CodePen is a really great way to share these projects ...

JQuery Is Ideal For Small Web Apps

On: May 26, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

It has become rather fashionable recently to rag hard on JQuery due to its age and how it is rather limited and is pretty awful when you make larger projects in it, however, for small apps that get written quickly JQuery is pretty magical. It i...

Fun With Javascript

On: May 19, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have been working a lot on Java lately and on the redesign of this site, there is still plenty to do in both but I am also working on my front end development and with that Javascript. At work I have been using Javascript a lot and it has rea...

Spring Boot basic CRUD Part4: Delete

On: May 12, 2017

By: Alex Wilkinson

This is the final part in the current series on the basic CRUD setup in Spring Boot. We have talked about the Creation which involved the overall setup of the infrastructure using the MVC methodology which is the most common way of setting out all...