Coding Challenges A Revival

On: April 20, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have never been one to really get into the coding challenges that I have came across. I have found some fun, but often found that they end up dragging on quite considerably and getting more and more abstract. This has been something I have not e...

Expressing Express - Postmortem

On: April 13, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

The other week I wrote a bit about my express work, covering a lot of the broader strokes, in this post I will try and go a little deeper into the overall site, what I hoped to achieve and what I feel like I did by the end. Purpose ------- ...

On to the Next Project

On: April 6, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

Over the past, getting on to two months, I have been working on my express site that is essentially a film/ TV lookup and rating site. It was just an excuse to play around with Express and MongoDb whilst working with some data that I find interest...

Expressing Express - MovieDb API

On: March 23, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

The other week a laboured over the idea of setting up the application and generally getting the field structure right, of course, there is not one way to do anything but the more I work on bigger projects the more I realise just how important it i...

QuillJS A Delta Problem

On: March 17, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

As I have been working on my Express site I have generally found the whole process very fun and enjoyable, learning a lot about PUG (jade) and the Express system overall along with structuring and building better. I have found myself really eager ...

Expressing Express - The Basics

On: March 2, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

This week I have been practising with Node and Express. In my attempt to work with the Javascript everywhere paradigm I have been expanding my knowledge and use of Javascript to the server and with it has been a reasonably smooth transition and co...

Lets Talk About Why MVC Is A Lie

On: Feb. 23, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

MVC is not a new concept it has been around for quite sometime now actually and is widely use and adopted. The notion of separation of concerns is great I love the idea that you have your Models, Views, and Controllers separated out, it makes for ...

Feb Project - Node Site

On: Feb. 16, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

This year I have decided to focus on bigger projects than I did for a lot of last year. Last year I went over a lot of smaller projects to enhance a lot of different areas, I found it really helpful and I learnt a lot, when you first start out in ...

My site 2.0 Server Shift And Updates

On: Feb. 2, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

So I have finally done it and update my site, it is now running Django 2.0 with the Django Rest-Framework on a new server that is on Ubuntu 16.04, I have updated some of the CSS and added in a proper Resume section along with a portfolio tab which...

Site Update New Year New Django New Server

On: Jan. 25, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have been working no rewriting this site for a little while, I originally played with the idea of rewriting it in different languages and doing a total overhaul, however I like a lot about this site and redoing everything seemed a bit of the nuc...