AWS Lambdas The State Of Serverless

On: July 13, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

Severless seems to be gain more and more traction of late with more companies moving APIs to serverless services what is the big deal with serverless? And more so what is AWS Lambdas. I found serverless by accident as I previously mentioned whi...

Express API Part 3: The REST

On: June 29, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

Last time I went over the overall design of the API and implemented the GET request in this post I will be looking at the update and patch protocols along with the delete verb to round out the API basic REST points starting with the meaty POST ve...

What Even Is Serverless

On: June 22, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

Last year saw a big shift with more and more people starting to jump on the slowly growing trend of a serverless stack, but is it really serverless and what does that really mean? Well of course there is some form of server at the backend and for ...

Express API Part 2: Basis Of CRUD (GET)

On: June 14, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

The other week I started to document my process when building out a new RESTful NodeJS api using Express, as this is still something I am reasonably new at I also find it a useful practice in documenting my thought process along with learning some...

Express API Part1: Init

On: June 1, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I did a few Node and Express posts a little while ago although I did gloss over a lot of the technical detail, which I think was not the best idea as I like to use this site to archive my own knowledge and information for my own future use so I wi...

Sometimes you just have to take a step back

On: May 25, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

This is something I've talked about here before and no doubt will talk about many more times in the future, but sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step or two back and actually put things on hold for a short time. With developm...

Is making 'cool apps' enough

On: May 18, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

The big draw for me when it came to coding, and what keeps me interested is the ability to build and design interesting applications. What I really like is looking back on a project well done and seeing it being used and performing well and I thin...

That Awkward Second Album

On: May 11, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

It is interesting to me how when you start working coding the basics feel daunting, I remember it being always a struggle to think of the correct syntax and the correct way to write something, fast forward a couple of years and now the basics are ...

Why I Have To Spend More Time On Algorithms

On: May 4, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I mentioned previously that I have recently been getting into the deeper side or programming, I feel confident enough writing in the languages these days and using the IDEs, I am sure I can build what needs to be built and figure out any issues I ...

Electron - Discord Bot App

On: April 27, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have talked a little about my next project a few weeks ago, but not so much at the details involved, here I aim to give some introduction to it and maybe even dive into some of the basics. Why Electron ------------ Electron is a reasonabl...