Why Use GraphQL

On: Feb. 8, 2019

By: Alex Wilkinson

GraphQL is the new hotness and being a technology that is just over 2 years old at time of writing still a very new technology but one that has gained quite some traction and the more I look at it the more I like to believe there is a good reason ...

Diving Into Docker

On: Feb. 1, 2019

By: Alex Wilkinson

I often feel I am the type of developer who enjoys exploring lots of different technologies tangentially related to my work and the development side. I often feel the need to know how everything works and that is why working in software developmen...

Project Scope, bloat and Agile methods

On: Jan. 18, 2019

By: Alex Wilkinson

I feel I have been learning a great deal week in week out at my current job, the setup is totally different to what I have been in previously and to be honest is much closer to what I want out of a workplace environment. One of the big things I fe...

New Year Projects and New Tech

On: Jan. 1, 2019

By: Alex Wilkinson

This year has been a pretty great year, it has felt very long but a lot has happened and it has been overall pretty great. However I want to settle back into some more projects and really start building out some interesting and (hopefully) fun thi...

Settling in to a new role

On: Nov. 30, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I made a transition at the start of October, it has been a whirlwind of the past two months with learning a lot of new procedures and new awesome people the transition has been great. It has not been without its pitfalls of course and various mist...

New Beginnings

On: Oct. 19, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

This year has been an ever crazy year with a lot of progress and changes in a short period with the main being finding a new job working for a media streaming company which has completely changed my year for the better. After a long and lengthy pr...

React - A State Of Mind

On: Sept. 28, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have been working more in React getting myself ready for my upcoming work and have found that it is quite interesting overall, it is a far departure from that of Angular and that isn't always a bad thing. React is nice in its openness as a pl...

Rust The Rising Star

On: Sept. 21, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

Looking into trends in web development and development in general it is hard to ignore the ever growing community around Mozillas latest language Rust. Rust is a systems language that aims to modernise C++ making it more accessible whilst still re...

Where The Net Is Going

On: Sept. 14, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

The internet has changed so much in such a short period of time, it started to take off in the early 90s with the basic static sites loving the use of frames split up the page, it was awful and created some hideous messes. We have came a long way ...

Moving To React From Angular

On: Aug. 26, 2018

By: Alex Wilkinson

I have enjoyed Angular a great deal and do like the ecosystem even-though I know a lot of people dislike how big it is I do quite like how everything is bundled together, however I have a new job coming up which is using React so it is finally tim...